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over 20 years as an artist, musician and content creator, my journey has led me through the captivating worlds of art, design, story, video and game production. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suites, including Photoshop Beta with AI, Premier Pro, and 3D animation software like Blender, I've cultivated a versatile skill set.
I specialize in crafting custom textures, logos, and animations, while my integration of AI technology supercharges my designs. Seamlessly blending traditional artistry with cutting-edge tools, I'm capable of bringing any concept to life. From characters that leap off the screen to immersive game design, I thrive on pushing creative boundaries.
My work is a testament to the synergy of art and technology. By exploring AI's limitless possibilities, I've found innovative ways to enhance my creations. With a deep-rooted passion and an unyielding commitment to excellence, I'm dedicated to transforming ideas into extraordinary visual experiences.
Welcome to my world of artistry and innovation – let's collaborate to turn your visions into reality.
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